You asked: Which charity collects old mobile phones?

Which charities accept old mobile phones?

These are WaterAid, Oxfam and the National Trust. This is a sound choice if you want to do some good, but would also like to claw some money back to offset the cost of a new phone. Community Calling is a partnership between O2 and charity Hubbub.

Which charity takes mobile phones?

Your old mobile phone, unwanted jewellery and even your old car can change lives, if you recycle them with WaterAid.

Do Oxfam collect old mobile phones?

We turn every mobile phone donation into cash for Oxfam to buy vital kit, such as water tanks, wells, tools, seeds, school books – and loads more. … You will be given an option to donate 100% of the value of your mobile phones to Oxfam.

How do you get rid of old cell phones?

For Android devices, open up the Settings app then tap System > Advanced > Reset options, and then Erase all data (factory reset). Over on iOS, the equivalent option is in the Settings app under General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

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What do you do with old Iphones that don’t work?

Recycle it

Don’t throw your iPhone away; instead, dispose of your iPhone properly by recycling it. Recycling saves the environment from e-waste that leeches dangerous chemicals into water, soil and air. Many companies offer free recycling services (including Apple), and you can find recycling centers nationwide.

Do Tesco take old mobile phones?

Do Tesco Recycle Mobile Phones? … Tesco Mobile used to have a recycling programme for old mobile phones known as Tesco Mobile Recycling, which has since been replaced with Tesco Mobile Trade-In. This is where you send in your new device so that you can buy a new one from Tesco.

What do you do with old cell phones that don’t work?

Five things to do with old cell phones

  1. Repurpose it: Hack it, modify it, use it in a project.
  2. Activate it: Pass it on or use it as an emergency phone.
  3. Give it away: Plenty of charitable organizations would love to have it.
  4. Sell it: Make a few bucks if it still has some life.
  5. Recycle it: Find a reputable recycler.

Do old mobile phones have any value?

Some popular older mobile phones are now being bought and sold for good money. … Like most collectible items, the rarer mobiles in a better condition will fetch more money. And even when it’s not an antique, relatively new phones can still pocket you some extra cash, as long as they’re in a decent condition.

Where can I deposit my old cell phone?

  • EcoATM. EcoATM is an automated kiosk that collects your unwanted cell phones and tablets and gives you cash for them. …
  • Eco-Cell. Eco-Cell is a Louisville, Kentucky-based e-waste recycling company. …
  • Best Buy.
  • Hope Phones. …
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers. …
  • Gazelle.
  • Call2Recycle. …
  • Your carrier.
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What can I do with unwanted Jewellery?


  1. Jewellery and watches are accepted by many charities. …
  2. Alternatively, there are on-line organisations like Recycling for Good Causes that accept jewellery and watches, regardless of condition, via the post, for re-sale/recycling to raise funds for national charities and local groups such as scouts and brownies.

Can old cell phones be donated?

The 911 Cell Phone Bank accepts donations of used cell phones that are used to provide support and assistance to participating law enforcement entities and charitable organizations that provide services to victims throughout the United States.

How do I erase personal data from my mobile phone?

Go to Settings > Backup & reset. Tap Factory data reset. On the next screen, tick the box marked Erase phone data. You can also choose to remove data from the memory card on some phones – so be careful what button you tap on.

How do you destroy a phone?

The easiest way to destroy an old phone is to send it to a company for proper destruction. Many technology companies use a Degausser machine, which is a machine with powerful magnetic forces that can eliminate data by neutralizing or erasing it.

How do I clear my phone before I sell it?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select System > Advanced > Reset options.
  3. You will be presented with three choices. …
  4. You’ll get a warning screen reminding you that your data will be erased, along with all the accounts you’re currently signed into. …
  5. If you have a PIN or some other security setup, you’ll be asked to enter it.
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