You asked: How do I volunteer at the Ottawa Food Bank?

Individuals, students, and families looking to volunteer on a regular basis throughout the year must attend a Volunteer information Session (less than an hour in length). These sessions provide information on the Ottawa Food Bank, volunteer opportunities, and include a tour of our facility.

Does the Ottawa Food Bank need volunteers?

Individual volunteers and groups are required to book in advance of volunteering with the Ottawa Food Bank. What is the time commitment? We have a very flexible approach to volunteering at the Ottawa Food Bank.

How can I get free food in Ottawa?


  1. Shepherds of Good Hope 613-789-8210. 233 Murray Street meals for men, women, children. …
  2. Salvation Army Booth Centre 613-241-1573. …
  3. The Mission 613-234-1144. …
  4. St. …
  5. The Well (Women Only) 613-594-2843.
  6. Centre 507 613-233-5626.
  7. A Place to Go 613-235-1636. …
  8. Centre 120 613-238-4774.

How do I get food from the Food Bank Ottawa?

Collect. The Ottawa Food Bank collects food in many different ways. Our main collection method is through our red bins at grocery stores across the city.

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How can I help local food banks?

Ways to donate food

  1. Directly to your local food bank – find your nearest one here.
  2. At collection points in supermarkets across the country.
  3. By hosting a collection at your school, church or business for your local food bank.

How can I help Ottawa?

A great way to help the Ottawa community is to take time out of your busy schedule and lend a hand as a volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities in Ottawa

  1. Helping with food prep for meals in our kitchen.
  2. Organizing clothing donations.
  3. Tutoring at The Mission’s Stepping Stones Learning Centre.

Is the Ottawa Food Bank an NGO?

The Ottawa Food Bank is a registered charitable organization.

How does Ottawa food bank work?

The Ottawa Food Bank collects food in many different ways.

When you donate food to the Ottawa Food Bank at a drop-off location, we then collect it and bring it back to Ottawa Food Bank headquarters to be sorted by volunteers and distributed to member agencies across the city.

Does the Ottawa Food Bank deliver?

Direct home delivery is a new service the Ottawa Food Bank introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people shelter in place. In December, the number of home deliveries across Ottawa increased by 39% from the month before.

What is the best food bank to donate to?

Local food banks are a great place to give a donation right now



Where can I donate household items in Ottawa?

Clothing, footwear, accessories Dishes, draperies, linens, small appliances Upholstered furniture, office desks

  • Canadian Diabetes Assn., 1-800-505-5525.
  • St. Vincent de Paul.
  • The Ottawa Mission.
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store.
  • Furniture Bank of Ottawa, 613-240-6680.
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Is Ottawa Food Bank a registered charity?

THE OTTAWA FOOD BANK/LA BANQUE D’ALIMENTATION D’OTTAWA | Charity Profile | Donate Online | Canadahelps. This organization is designated by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a registered charity. They comply with the CRA’s requirements and has been issued a charitable registration number.

How people can help food banks?

Support foodbanks

  • Donate to IFAN. The Felix Project. The Felix Project is a charity that rescues safe and nutritious surplus food from the food industry to reduce food waste and food poverty. …
  • Donate to the Felix Project. Trussell Trust. …
  • Donate to the Trussell Trust. FareShare. …
  • Donate to FareShare. The Mayor’s fund for London.

Is it better to donate food or money to food bank?

Cash is king

First, monetary donations are far more effective than material ones. Your instinct during a crisis, like a wildfire or a pandemic, might be to donate goods, like blankets, canned food or toothbrushes.

Do food banks want carrier bags?

Carrier bags are vital to us, as each food “parcel” needs them. … Giving your spare carrier bags to a food bank is a valid and necessary form of recycling, so we ask that you please add some strong full-size bags (like the ones pictured) to your weekly donation.