How long does a charity golf tournament last?

With a shot-gun start and 144 players, tournament play can be expected to last about 6 hours. Note that some golf professionals recommend no more than 120 players on the course so that play does not take so long that golfers end up frustrated.

How long do golf tournaments last?

Amateur tournaments vary in length from 1 round all the way up to 9 rounds in the USGA US Amateur tournament. Overall, you will find most amateur tournaments ranging from 1 day tournaments to 3 days tournaments. Many high school state tournaments are 36 total holes whether these are played on 1 day or 2 days.

How much do charity golf tournaments make?

Golf events offer enormous potential for raising funds. Over 800,000 golf tournaments are held in the U.S. each year. While the average golf event only raises $5000 with 72 players, the big events can raise up to $300,000.

How do charity golf tournaments work?

You’ll need to decide whether you’d like to raise money for a single cause, or allow golfers to choose their own. Leading up to the event, they will ask for donations from family members, friends, colleagues, and so on to support them as they golf for a cause.

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How much does it cost to have a golf tournament?

14. What is the average tournament fee? We have seen tournaments as low as $45 and as high as $7,500. The average event is $125 per player.

Can pro golfers drink on the course?

If they wanted to, are pro golfers allowed to drink a beer during their round? Sure. It’s called “swing lubricant”. At country clubs nationwide, “cart girls” drive a special stretch golf cart with ice chests full of a variety of drinks, many of them alcoholic.

Do pro golfers go home between tournaments?

Most PGA Tour events cut half of the field after two days of tournament play. … Professional golfers, then, have three to five days in between the start of one tournament and another to travel, play practice rounds, work with their swing coach and stay conditioned.

How do you raise money at a golf outing?

How to raise additional funds through your golf tournament

  1. Offer a simultaneous skills workshop. …
  2. Set up a cash bar golf cart. …
  3. Create “mini-course” contests. …
  4. Let players buy mulligans. …
  5. Get corporate sponsors for a golf tournament. …
  6. Sell nonprofit merchandise. …
  7. Offer ticket packages.


How much does it cost to sponsor a PGA golf tournament?

Sponsoring a regular PGA Tour event costs in the neighborhood of $7 million per year. That money covers a portion of the purse, a television advertising commitment, a fee to the PGA Tour and to the tournament.

Are golf tournament sponsorships tax deductible?

A golf tournament whose net proceeds are donated entirely to charity is eligible to qualify for the 100 percent deduction. Such an event would not fail to qualify solely because it offered prize money to golfers who participated or because it used paid concessionaires or security personnel.

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How do I plan a small golf tournament?

Reviewing your Golf Tournament Planning Journey

  1. Know Why You’re Planning Your Tournament.
  2. Find Your Money Flow (sponsors, registration fees, contests)
  3. Keep a Budget.
  4. Choose a trustworthy Committee.
  5. Know your Audience.
  6. Market your Tournament Effectively.
  7. Prepare Religiously.

How do I host a charity golf day?

Organise a golf day

  1. Planning. Create a committee to spread the work. …
  2. Organisation. Arrange the venue nine months in advance. …
  3. Set a price. Choose a price that covers costs and raises money. …
  4. Sponsorship. Negotiate sponsorship, eg a different sponsor per hole. …
  5. Advertising. …
  6. Extras. …
  7. Volunteers. …
  8. Advice and support.

Are golf tournaments good fundraisers?

Golf tournaments can be very successful fundraising events when done right. Player registration fees provide a baseline for obtaining funds; however, there are plenty of opportunities to raise money before, during, and after the charity tournament takes place.

How many holes are there on an official golf course?


A regulation golf course usually consists of 18 holes of varied length. There are generally four short holes, 130 to 200 yards (par 3); ten average holes 350 to 400 yards (par 4); and four long holes 450 to 550 yards (par 5).

What makes a successful golf tournament?

Have a passion for helping others. Put together a great team. Build relationships and network with new people. And work together to make the tournament a great experience.

How do you run a golf tournament checklist?

Here’s our Quick 11 Checklist for Planning Your Company Golf Tournament.

  1. Venue. Consider location, amenities, level of difficulty, and distance away from your office. …
  2. Committee. Don’t overlook the importance of a tournament committee. …
  3. Corporate & Vendor Sponsors. …
  4. Date. …
  5. Charity. …
  6. Format. …
  7. Food & Beverage. …
  8. Entry Fee.
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