How do you say someone is charitable?

What is another way to say that a person is charitable?

SYNONYMS FOR charitable

1 beneficent, liberal, bountiful, benevolent. 2 broad-minded, considerate, mild.

How would you describe a charitable person?

The definition of charitable is being kind, forgiving and generous and helping those in need. An example of charitable is someone who volunteers at a soup kitchen; a charitable person. adjective.

What do you call someone who donates?

A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world.

What is another word for astounded?

Some common synonyms of astound are amaze, astonish, flabbergast, and surprise.

What is opposite word of charitable?

Antonyms: unkind, uncharitable. Synonyms: large-hearted, good-hearted, openhearted, kindly, sympathetic, benevolent. charitable, benevolent, kindly, sympathetic, good-hearted, openhearted, large-hearted(adj)

What is another word for immediately?

Immediately Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for immediately?

instantly now
directly promptly
forthwith pronto
right now right away
speedily straight away

What do you mean by charitable?

1 : full of love for and goodwill toward others : benevolent. 2a : liberal in benefactions to the needy : generous. b : of or relating to charity charitable institutions.

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What is the other word for poor?

1 needy, indigent, necessitous, straitened, destitute, penniless, poverty-stricken.

What’s the meaning of astounded?

: feeling or showing great surprise or wonder : astonished, amazed was astounded to hear the news We were too astounded to speak. We could only stand there staring in amazement.— Arthur Conan Doyle. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about astounded.

What is a stronger word for took?

Synonyms for took. accommodated, fitted. (or fit), held.

What is a more negative word for astounded?

incurious, unconcerned, casual, jaded, unsurprised, dispassionate, blase, emotionless, unimpressed, nonchalant, bored, impassive, unruffled, unemotional, uninterested, disinterested, not surprised, indifferent.