How do I apply for UNC charity care?

To determine eligibility for financial assistance, you must complete the financial assistance application and provide the required supporting documents. You may apply securely on-line through My UNC Chart or complete the application to submit by mail or secure fax.

Who qualifies for UNC charity care?

The Charity Care Program insures that all eligible individuals receive medically necessary care at participating UNC Health Care entities regardless of their ability to pay. The program is available for patients with a household income of at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guideline for their family size.

How long does UNC charity care last?

i. As of January 1, 2015, a determination of eligibility for Charity Care will be effective for 18 months prospectively from the date of approval and retroactively for all patient balances incurred prior to the approved Charity Care application.

What does UNC financial assistance cover?

The UNC Health Financial Assistance Program helps relieve the financial burden of medically necessary health care services at participating UNC Health entities. The program is available to North Carolina residents with a household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guideline for your family size.

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How do I apply for Duke charity care?

Email: (This option is only to submit an application.

Does UNC charity care cover dental?

Payment Options: Dental insurance, Medicaid, cash/check/credit card. 25% discount for UNC Charity Care patients. Best way to get seen: Appointments are by referral only – have the referring physician fax a referral.

How does charity care work?

What is Charity Care? Federal and state laws require hospitals to provide you certain types of care for free or at a lower cost if you cannot afford to pay for the medical treatment. Charity Care covers “medically necessary” treatment. This includes inpatient hospital stays and emergency room visits.

What insurance does UNC Hospital accept?

Blue Cross Blue Shield including NC State Health Plan, Out of State, Federal (with exception of Blue Local, Blue Care, Blue Value and Blue Home with UNC Health Alliance) Cigna (with exception of Cigna Connect plan to Individual and Family – IFP, and Cigna SureFit) MedCost. United Healthcare.

What is charity care in healthcare?

Charity care is care for which hospitals never expected to be reimbursed. A hospital incurs bad debt when it cannot obtain reimbursement for care provided; this happens when patients are unable to pay their bills, but do not apply for charity care, or are unwilling to pay their bills.

Is UNC Hospital a nonprofit?

UNC Health Care is a not-for-profit integrated health care system owned by the state of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill.

Can a duke be poor?

Of the 24 non-royal dukes, there are only two or three as poor as him. … “At one time they had money, but most of it has been depleted. There’s almost nothing left; not enough to bother with.”

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Is Duke University need blind?

Since admission at Duke is need-blind for U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and undocumented students, we never consider a student’s ability to pay when making an admission decision.

What is Duke Prmo?

The Patient Revenue Management Organization (PRMO) is the centralized billing and collections office for Duke University Health System, formed in 2001, as a standalone operating division of Duke University Health System.