You asked: How many CFC charities are there?

CFC is the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas raising millions of dollars each year.

What is a CFC charity?

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the official workplace giving campaign of the federal government allowing federal employees and retirees to pledge monetary support and volunteer time to approved charities.

How do I become a CFC charity?

Charitable organizations wishing to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) must complete an annual application form via the online CFC Application System.

CFC Application Process

  1. Toll Free — (888)232-4935.
  2. Local/Int — (608)237-4935.
  3. TTY Toll Free — (800)203-8280.
  4. TTY Local/Int — (608)268-7740.

How old is the CFC?

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the workplace giving program of the federal government of the United States. The program is authorized by executive order 12353 (as amended) of March 23, 1982, and is overseen by the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Why should I donate to CFC?

By giving through the CFC, people support charities in a way that really makes a difference to all of them, both large and small. … Not only does that allow people to give more, it also gives charities a steady stream of support through the year, which allows them to plan and do more.

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What is the purpose of CFC?

The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

How do you stop CFC contributions?

Employees wishing to cancel their deductions should contact their agency payroll office and request the allotment be cancelled. You can retrieve your OPM Form 1654 (CFC Pledge Form) online on the CFC Pledging System.

How much does CFC cost?

For local charities, the minimum cost will be $975 (budget of $1 million or more), $475 (budget of $250,000 to $1 million) or $360 (under $250,000). A third, “distribution” fee could also be charged, if the other two fees appear inadequate to cover the CFC’s costs.

What is CFC tax?

Controlled foreign corporation (CFC) rules are features of an income tax system designed to limit artificial deferral of tax by using offshore low taxed entities. … Generally, certain classes of taxpayers must include in their income currently certain amounts earned by foreign entities they or related persons control.

How does the Combined Federal Campaign Work?

The Combined Federal Campaign takes place every fall, usually from mid-September through December. Employees receive a pledge card and often a “catalog” that lists all eligible charities – more than 4,000 in the DC area. Employees decide which charities should receive their gifts. … CFC campaigns are run locally.

When did CFC begin?

CFCs were first synthesized in 1928 by Thomas Midgley, Jr. of General Motors, as safer chemicals for refrigerators used in large commercial appilications1. Frigidaire was issued the first patent, number 1,886,339, for the formula for CFCs on December 31, 1928.

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Are CFC donations tax deductible?

While tax deductible, CFC deductions are not pre-tax. Federal law does not allow for charitable donations through payroll deduction (CFC or any other payroll deduction program) to be done pre-tax.

What is CFC army?

The CFC is a method for federal employees, military and civilian, to donate to qualifying charities. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a 58-year Federal workplace giving tradition that has raised more than $8.3 billion for charitable organizations.

What is a CFC pledge?

CFC is the official workplace giving campaign for the federal community, offering federal employees and retirees the opportunity to support the causes they care about by giving to their charity (or charities) of choice from the thousands that participate.

Can federal employees donate to nonprofits?

Federal employees may not solicit donations from entities outside the Federal government.

Can federal employees donate to charities?

Yes. Through CFC All-Around Giving, a federal employee can give to any organization that has been approved by a Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)—irrespective of geographic boundaries.