Why does Marian hide the apple in a visit of charity?

Marian hid the apple, because she did not want to have to share it with the old women in the home. There is also a religious meaning in the symbol of the apple. … She offers no comfort, no love to these women, she does not view them as people.

Why does Marian hide the apple?

Answer and Explanation:

Marian hides the apple in the bushes outside the home because she does not intend to give more than the absolute minimum to get her charity points….

What does the Apple symbolize in a visit of charity?

Her biting the apple, recalling the biblical story of Adam and Eve, suggests both the sense of separation that follows the Fall and the difficulty of healing that separation through love, as mandated by the New Testament.

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How does Marian feel when she visits the two old ladies in a visit of charity?

What causes Marian to abruptly leave the women’s room in “A Visit of Charity”? Marian flees the room of the two old women because she is not strong enough to heal the alienation that exists between the women and the separation from them that she herself feels.

What causes Marian to abruptly leave the women’s room in a visit of charity?

in “a visit of charity” marian abruptly leave the women’s room because she can’t stand the feeling of alienation between the two old woman. Marian is just a young girl that visited a nursery house for the first time.

Why does Marian bring a potted plant?

Answer: Marian bring a potted plant with her to the old ladies home because she wanted to earn points. … The main and the only purpose of Marian to bring a potted plant and visit the Old Ladies Home was to increase her charity points as a Campfire girl. She wanted to gain extra points and that was her sole motto.

What makes Marian run from home?

During her visit, Marian sees women who remind her of sheep and who bicker constantly. … Therefore Addie’s crying is what causes her to abruptly leave the women’s room, but more importantly, the recognition of the ugliness and cruelty in that place and between women is what ultimately impels her to escape.

What is the moral of a visit of charity?

The theme of this story is that people’s selfishness can blind them to the needs of others. Within the short story of A Visit of Charity, Marian, a young Campfire Girl, chooses to go visit and old woman at an elderly home.

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What is the point of the story a visit of charity?

In Eudora Welty’s “A Visit of Charity,” the third-person limited point of view of the little girl, Marian—her self-consciousness, descriptions, and fear—exactly portray what a little girl might experience in a nursing home. To Marian, this is probably the first time in a nursing home.

What were the old ladies like in a visit of charity?

In this story by Eudora Welty, the young Campfire Girl Marian visits two elderly women who are roommates in a nursing home. They are presented initially as having contrasting personalities and behavior. One is loquacious and outgoing; the other, quiet and taciturn.

What does Marian bring with her as a gift?

Even though she presents a potted plant as a gift, this is also just part of a ritual and will earn her an extra point. Her encounter with the two old women depicts an alienated association. Marian sees them like sheep, and the continuous references to animal imagery suggest that she does not deem them human.

How do the old ladies behave with Marian?

The personalities of the two are very different in that the old woman is very polite and talkative, and Addie say minimal, but when she does speak, she speaks with a distaste for everything. The two seemed to have lived together for a long time as they know much about each other.

What does Marian do at the end of a visit of charity?

At the conclusion of “A Visit of Charity”, Marian runs to meet the bus and casually eats an apple. … At the end of the story, she leaves the nursery home, she takes a bus and eats an apple while travelling home.

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Why did Welty choose to use long detailed sentences?

Why did welty choose to use long, detailed sentences and a slow pace in order to give the beginning of a”a visit toa charity” a sense of foreboding? a. to show the emotions of the women inside the nursing home.

What is an example of a visit of charity?

The example from a “Visit Charity” that slows down the peacing of the history is “As she walked vaguely up the steps she shifted the small pot from hand to hand; then she had to set in down and remove her mittens before she could open the heavy door.”