Where did the student volunteer movement get its start?

The Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) for Foreign Missions was founded in 1886 at a Conference in the Mt. Hermon University, an organization designed to recruit college and university students in the United States and later of course through the Western world, for missionary service abroad.

What began the Student Volunteer Movement?

Its emergence at a summer student conference held on the campus of the Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Massachusetts had all the drama of a theatrical play, and its story was told countless times over the decades of the Movement’s existence.

Who started the Student Volunteer Movement?

A foreign mission organization that originated at a conference held July 1886 at Mt. Hermon, MA. The conference, called by the Young Men’s Christian Association, with the Protestant evangelist Dwight Lyman moody as leader, was attended by 251 men from 89 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

Where is the Haystack Prayer monument?

He played a role in the founding of the American Bible Society and the United Foreign Missionary Society. Through the work of Byram Green, in 1867 a monument was erected in Mission Park in Williamstown, Massachusetts to honor the five men involved in the Haystack prayer meeting.

Who was the father of American missions?

Adoniram Judson is commonly called the “Father of American Missions.” This title is proper.

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