How was Khaya Volunteer projects funded?

How is Khaya Volunteer project funded?

We encourage our volunteers and visitors to continue to donate, as they are in a fortunate position to be able to raise funds through their social media networks, family, work and education quite effectively. Plus, they can see personally how these donations are spent, and how they make an impact.

When was Khaya Volunteer project funded?

Khaya Volunteer Projects was established in 2005. We offered international students the opportunity to come to South Africa and experience working with local companies and organisations as interns.

Who is the owner of Khaya Volunteer projects?

For example, the Community Project in Arusha, Tanzania: when our founder Martijn van der Put was traveling in 2011 and met Pastor Charles at the project, he was impressed and immediately wanted to see how he could help.

How does Khaya Volunteer project support the community?

Our volunteers contribute to the local community, youth, wildlife and conservation efforts and other projects and make a difference through different volunteering projects in Wildlife, Childcare, Community, Healthcare, Conservation and Sports Development.

What are Khaya Volunteer projects?

Khaya Volunteer Projects provides responsible and affordable volunteer projects. Take a gap year, work with communities and children, teach sport or work with wildlife. “Khaya” means village or dwelling in several African languages – but it also has a deeper meaning, that of ‘belonging’.

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What is the vision statement of Khaya Volunteer Project?

Our mission is simple but resonant: we provide volunteering opportunities for international travellers that are both unique and as affordable as possible with high standards of service and facilities.

Does Khaya Volunteer project have a positive or negative impact on the community?

Khaya supports ethical wildlife management practices

We ensure that the wildlife projects we are affiliated with are run ethically, and volunteers are guaranteed an enriching wildlife experience which has a positive impact on the bigger picture of animal welfare and conservation.