Frequent question: Is Vietnam veterans taking donations?

The Vietnam Veterans of America needs your generous support. Our drivers do not accept cash donations, but we will pick up a variety of household goods including: – Clothing of all types (men women’s and children) … – Housewares, glassware, and home decor.

Is Vietnam Veterans of America a good charity to donate to?

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) reports reasonable overhead and program spending in its annual financial documents, but a closer analysis by CharityWatch reveals a different picture of how efficiently this charity operates.

Are veterans picking up donations?

Schedule a Donation Pickup in Los Angeles

Each California VVA Chapter has unique ways of taking care of our admirable veterans. … We encourage you to schedule a free donation pickup in Los Angeles and donate your unwanted household items to this wonderful cause.

Is VVA still doing pickups?

Vietnam Veterans of America, California – Acceptable Donations. Schedule a VVA Los Angeles donation pick-up today! … Make your San Francisco, Riverside, Orange County or Los Angeles clothing donation pickup appointment online now!

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What does Vietnam veterans do with donations?

The Vietnam Veterans of America sells your donated items to private companies by annual bid which generates the majority of the funding to support the local, state, and national programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Your donations make it all possible so we thank you for your support.

What are the best veteran charities to donate to?

10 Highly Rated Wounded Veteran Charities

  • The Gary Sinise Foundation. Charity Navigator Rating: Four stars. …
  • Semper Fi Fund. …
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation. …
  • Fisher House Foundation. …
  • Freedom Service Dogs of America. …
  • Air Warrior Courage Foundation. …
  • Operation Second Chance. …
  • Hope for the Warriors.

Is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund a good charity?

They only have a charity ranking of “D” due to high administrative costs and less than 50% of money collected goes to the “WALL”.

What items will the veterans pick up?

CLOTHING: Ladies, mens, kids, children’s, baby, purses, belts, ties, wallets, dresses, shirts, pants, shoes. Virtually all types of Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories.

Who will pick up donations in my area?

Looking for Pick-Up Donations Near Me? These 8 Organizations Can Help

  • Salvation Army.
  • Goodwill.
  • AMVETS National Service Foundation.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Arc.
  • Pickup Please.
  • Furniture Bank Network.


Who is picking up household items?

The 5 charities that pick up your stuff

  • The Salvation Army—Best overall.
  • Habitat for Humanity—Best for donating furniture.
  • Goodwill—Best for donating clothing and appliances.
  •—Best for finding location charities.
  • Furniture Bank Network—Best for donating home goods.
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Do Vietnam vets mattresses?

We only accept items that are small and light enough for one person to easily lift and carry. No Furniture: Couches, sofas, sleeper couches, box springs, mattresses, desks, large dressers, heavy chairs, etc. cannot be accepted.

How many Vietnam veterans are still alive?

As of this date The American War Library estimates that approximately 610,000 Americans who served on land in Vietnam or in the air over Vietnam between 1954 and 1975 are alive today. And approximately 164,000 Americans who served at sea in Vietnam waters are alive today.

Do Vietnam vets pickup TVs?

Donating Electronics Supports the VVA

Not accepting TVs at this time. Please note – we cannot accept any broken electronics.

What do the veterans do with donations?

No, the donations are sold to thrift stores and the money received from the sale of the goods is used to fund our programs. However, VVA sponsors a program that provides vouchers to veterans in need of household items and clothing that can be used at the thrift stores we contract with.

How can I help Vietnam veterans?

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The donation process is simple, fast and secure, and your car donation will help us to provide critical support services for our defenders of freedom in their time of need. Call toll free today at 1-800-Help-Vets (435-7838) or use our easy online donation form to schedule your free towing.

Do Vietnam vets take books?

The Vietnam Veterans of America needs your generous support. Our drivers do not accept cash donations, but we will pick up a variety of household goods including: … – Housewares, glassware, and home decor. – Books, toys, bikes.

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