Best answer: Who is the founder of Via volunteers?

Who founded via volunteers?

This is a guest blog post by Ed and Heather Scott, co-founders of Via Volunteers. Via Volunteers is a Cape Town-based organisation which supports ethical volunteer projects that are developed through genuine community and conservation needs.

When was via volunteer founded?

Tracing its roots to 1963, VIA (formerly Volunteers In Asia and Trans-Pacific Exchange) is an independent, non-sectarian, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing understanding between the U.S. and Asia. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, VIA provides two kinds of programs.

What is the vision and mission statement of Via volunteers?

We are passionate about ethical volunteering, and only support sustainable long term projects that are developed through genuine community and conservation needs.

What is the vision of volunteerism?

To provide opportunities to individuals from non-social work backgrounds to engage in various social work activities, so that they experience the joy of giving back.

What is the vision and mission of Naturally Africa Volunteers?

Naturally Africa Volunteers | Fundmytravel. Our mission is to alleviate poverty in Africa by providing or assisting in the provision of training, education, healthcare projects and the necessary support in order to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and become self-sufficient.

How do you write a mission and vision statement for a non profit?

Tips for Writing an Awesome Nonprofit Mission Statement

  1. Make it clear.
  2. Make it concise. A well-crafted mission statement should also be brief and to-the-point. …
  3. Make it informative. …
  4. Welcome participation. …
  5. Stay open. …
  6. Keep the balance. …
  7. Review it frequently.
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