Independent Brand Partner Spotlight: Susan Miles

Independent Brand Partner Spotlight
With only two weeks to raise money for Indiana Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) through Bowl for Kids’ Sake (BFKS) in March, Nerium Independent Brand Partner Susan Miles and the Bossbabes Bowlers set out to raise $500. The commitment and dedication of the Bossbabes Bowlers – who also included a couple of men, despite the name –  paid off! The small team of five walked away from the event with double the money raised, thanks to Nerium Ripple Foundation’s promise to match 100 percent funds as part of the company’s ongoing philanthropic partnership with BBBS of America.

Brand Partners on a Roll

Susan quickly learned to pledge to raise money with a two-week deadline isn’t all that easy. Still, the Bossbabes Bowlers had a goal and there was no slowing down! As team captain, Susan kicked into high gear – and from sunrise until time to tuck her kids into bed – she knocked on doors. Too many to count, in fact. Surprised she had the time and the courage to “simply go out and ask strangers to help raise money,” Susan walked to neighbors, body repair shops, tattoo parlors, quilting stores, dental offices, strip malls, and more, not giving up until two hours before the BFKS event.

Bowling For Kids’ Sake Makes a Difference

At the event, Susan had a rewarding “opportunity to meet one of the kids, now an adult, who benefited from the program several years ago.” Hearing all the stories and learning how BBBS has directly impacted the lives of children, Susan admits, will likely be the reason she hosts another BFKS event in the future. Although, this time around, she intends to start planning well in advance!

“I learned a lot about myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise,” Susan said. “There were several opportunities to not even start, to cancel, to quit, or to stop after raising $500.” But, Susan didn’t stop and she didn’t quit after reaching her goal. Instead, the Bossbabes Bowlers committed to making an impact. Maybe, one or five or 10 years from now, when Susan attends another BFKS event, she’ll get to meet the child that benefited from the funds raised. Or even better, she’ll learn about the many ripples of positive change she and her team set in motion.

Photo From Left: James Smith, Nerium Brand Partner Mandi Smith, Nerium Brand Partner Susan Miles, Elizabeth and James Henry

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